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project info
Start date: 20 May 2017
End date: 31 March 2023
Fund: n/a
Total budget: 397 335 905,99 €
EU contribution: 258 943 809,93 € (65,17%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: NFM Közlekedési Operatív Programokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság

Modernisation of the Püspökladány-Debrecen railway line, preparation of the partial reconstruction of Debrecen station and the construction of an ETCS train control system on the Szajol-Debrecen railway line

Detailed technical content: Modernisation of the 44 km long two-track electrified line section between Püspökladány — Debrecen with 160 km/h speed, suitable for the introduction of 225 kN axle loads. Partial reconstruction of Debrecen station, construction of wide, high platforms, development of new platform underpasses connected to the Intermodal Community Transport Centre. The stations are equipped with platforms, underpasses, elevators, platform roofs and passenger information systems with a height of 55 cm in order to create an accessible station environment. The overhead contact line system will be rebuilt. New electronic station interlocking devices are installed remotely from Debrecen station. The ETCS2 system will be installed on the 111 km long Szajol — Debrecen line section. Technical content of the railway line section Püspökladány (excl.) — Ebes (bez.) railway line construction and interlocking works: — Construction of a track suitable for traffic at 160 km/h and with an axle load of 225 kN. — Modernisation of the entire rail network of railway stations. — 55 cm height of station platforms, construction of underpasses, elevators, platform roofs, creation of barrier-free station environment. — Construction of space lighting, 0.4 kV electricity supply and overhead contact line system upgrade. — Development of a separate level rail-road crossing at Kaba station. — Construction of noise barriers, P+R system design, bus turns, bus stops. — Construction of station interlocking equipment (and power supply), modernisation of line interlocking equipment. — Construction of a new cable duct and cable network on stations and lines. — Integrated rail telecommunications system, installation of modern passenger information equipment. — Based on the need for passenger handling and new interlocking equipment and telecommunications functions, MÁV Zrt. is the complete reconstruction of station buildings and the construction of a necessary operational building. Ebes — Debrecen railway line section professional content of track construction and interlocking works: — Establishment of a track suitable for traffic at 160 km/h and with an axle load of 225 kN, including the installation and modernisation of the necessary interlocking equipment. — Modernisation of the overhead contact line system. — Upgrading and possible replacement of crossing roads. Partial renovation of Debrecen station: — Develop the technical content to the extent necessary for the implementation of the associated Intermodal Community Transport Centre. — Upgrading and possible replacement of crossing roads. Szajol — Installation of ETCS2 on the line section of Debrecen — Establishing and installing a single European train control system ensuring interoperability on the line section, the primary task of which is to supervise the movement of trains and to ensure the safety of rail traffic in the most diverse operational situations. Related project (implemented from other grant agreements): — Design and construction works of the substation Ebes — complete architectural primary and secondary reconstruction of Ebes MÁV 120/25 kV substation (beneficiary: NIF Zrt.) — Establishment of an intermodal passenger transport centre in Debrecen — Development of an intermodal public transport centre (further IKKK project) (beneficiary: NIF Zrt.) — GSM-R II. — Püspökladány — Installation of a GSM-R network between Debrecen (beneficiary: NIF Zrt.) — GSM-R I. — Szajol — Installation of the GSM-R network between Püspökladány (beneficiary: NISZ Zrt.)

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