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project info
Start date: 1 February 2016
End date: 31 January 2024
Fund: Cohesion Fund (CF)
Total budget: 344 297 273,47 €
EU contribution: 244 129 051,89 € (70,91%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Дирекция „Координация на програми и проекти”, Министерство на транспорта, информационните технологии и съобщенията
intervention field
© @MA of OPTTI
© @MA of OPTTI

Rehabilitation of the railway line Plovdiv — Burgas, Phase 2

The implementation of the project will rehabilitate/modernise the remaining unrenovated railway sections on the Plovdiv-Burgas line as follows: ØContinent 1-Design and construction of signalling and telecommunications systems along the Plovdiv-Burgas railway line — construction of: signalling in 18 stations; train control ETCS level 1; dispatching system in the Manole-Burgas section; GSM-R train communication system; installation of fiber optic cable;ØContinent 2-Construction of overpasses/underpasses for the railway line Plovdiv-Burgas on the site of existing level crossings-removal of level crossings and construction of overpasses;ØConponent 3-Construction of a protective forest in the between Chernograd-Aytos station to protect the railway from adverse weather influences; ØComponent 4-Rehabilitation of railway section Skutare-Orizovo-renewal of railway track, reconstruction of bridges, renewal of existing contact network and signaling in stations;ØContinent 5-Modernisation of railway section Rizovo — Mihaylovo — renewal and construction of railway and contact network, reconstruction of bridges, construction of tunnels, modernisation of HDV Chirpan, removal of level crossings, construction of overpasses and renewal of signalling in stations;ØKomponent 6-Modernisation of the railway section Yambol — Zimnitsa, at Zaturn station — construction of railway road incl. at Zaturn station, construction of bridges, renewal and construction of a new contact network;ØContinent 7-Reconstruction of the shooting development of Zimnitsa station and rehabilitation of the contact network in the stations of Zimnitsa and Straldzha — renewal of railway track, reconstructed track development of Zymnitsa station, renewal of contact network in the stations Zimnitsa and Straldzha, renewed alarm at Zimnitsa station;ØKomponent 8-Rehabilitation of the railway section Straldzha — Tserkovski — renewal of railway track.Detailed information is presented in B.3.1 in FC and Annex 1.

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