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Sandomierz flood protection

Enterprise Mon. Sandomierz’s flood protection will be implemented in the communes of Sandomierz, Koprzywnica and Samborc, Sandomierz county, Świętokrzyskie voivodship. The direct objective of the project is to reduce the risk of flooding (dimension of human, socio-economic and environmental losses) in the Sandomierz region. Material scope of the project: Task 1 – Flood protection within the mouth section of the Inkjet River, construction of a new pumping plant “Koćmierzów” and gravitational lock in Koćmierzów (in the right Vistula shaft) and a canal draining water from the Inkjet to the pumping room. Task 2 – Flood protection within the Struga A stream, including reconstruction and expansion of the Waterfront pumping station. Task 3 – Expansion of a belt shaft protecting against flood waters glassworks and housing estate in Sandomierz with the extension of the flood embankment of the Vistula River from ul. Lviv to connect to Koćmierz’s embankment. Task 4 – Security of the Koprzywianka river shaft – left shaft in km 0+ 000+ 12+ 900, right shaft in km 0+ 000+ 14+ 400 Task 5 – Construction of water pumping station in Szewce. Task 6 – Expansion of water pumping station in Zajeziorze

Flag of Poland  Sandomiersko-jędrzejowski, Poland