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project info
Start date: 1 April 2017
End date: 30 November 2022
Fund: Cohesion Fund (CF)
Total budget: 356 086 000,00 €
EU contribution: 302 673 100,00 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerstvo dopravy - Odbor fondů EU

D35 MÚK Opatovice – Time – Island (2nd phase)

The object of the project is to continue the construction of the D35 motorway in the section MÚK Opatovice-Časy-Ostrov. The project consists of 3 buildings: D35 MÚK Opatovice, completion of the estacade, D35 Opatovice-Times and D35 Time-Island.The purpose is to build a capacity road of motorway type, which will be together with other communicators of this type (motorway D11, and crossing four-pruhová I/37 between HK and Pardubice) to form the skeleton of the motorway network of Pardubice and Hradecký Region.

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