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project info
Start date: 20 March 2017
End date: 11 July 2022
Fund: Cohesion Fund (CF)
Total budget: 61 911 000,00 €
EU contribution: 52 624 348,00 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerstvo dopravy - Odbor fondů EU

D1 Modernisation – section 02, EXIT 21 Mirošovice – EXIT 29 Hvězdonice

The object of the project is modernisation of the D1 motorway in the section Mirošovice – Hvězdonice with a length of 7.646 km. The actual modernisation consists of extending to category D 28 or 2 belts with a reinforced width of 11.5 m and improving the constructional state of the motorway. These modifications will contribute to a substantial increase in safety and continuity of operation on this heavily loaded communication as well as delaying normal repairs. The project also includes modernisation of the Centre for Motorway Administration and Maintenance (SSÚD) Mirošovice.

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