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project info
Start date: 15 September 2022
End date: 30 November 2025
Fund: Cohesion Fund (CF)
Total budget: 519 101 627,20 €
EU contribution: 441 236 383,12 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale, Administratiei Publice si Fondurilor Europene

Regional project for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Prahova County, 2014-2020

The overall objective of the project is to continue the development of the water and waste water infrastructure by increasing the collection and treatment of waste water, respectively by increasing the degree of ensuring the supply of drinking water to the population, in order to meet the requirements of the European Directives 98/83/EC for drinking water and 91/271/EEC for waste water collection. Through the investments caught in this project, the process of extension and rehabilitation of the water and wastewater infrastructure carried out in the 2007-2013 phase is continued and investments are proposed in extending/establishing water supply and sanitation systems in rural areas. Through the project, the following indicators will be achieved by 2025: CO18 = 91872 inhabitants CO19 = 67231 equivalent inhabitants Through these indicators, the project will contribute to the achievement of LIOP results, OS 3.2, as well as to compliance with European directives, as follows: 2S33 The degree of service of the population by the drinking water supply system-After the investments in this project, the degree of compliant connection will increase from 55.08 % (115864 place) to 98.75 % (207736 place). Prior to the project the level of compliant connection of biodegradable organic load (in p.e.) to collection systems of the p.e. in agglomerations in the project area is 31.96 % (68 129 p.e.). 2S31 — The level of connection of biodegradable organic loading in agglomerations collection systems with over 10 000 p.e. will increase from 80.4 % -121 323 l.e. to 98.8 % — 149 147 l.e. out of the total of 150 890 l.e. in 2025). 2S32 — The level of connection of biodegradable organic load in collection systems in agglomerations with 2000-10 000 l.e. will increase after completion of the project from 5.2 % -2 253 l.e. to 96.1 % 41 663 l.e. 2S29 The number of compliant SEAUs serving agglomerations over 10 000 p.e. — 2 SEAU compliant 2S30 Compliant number of SEAUs serving agglomerations over 2000-10 000 p.e. — 2 SEAUs conforming to the number of inhabitants/l.e. whose used water will be collected, transported and purged after the completion of the project, will be 174165 inhabitants/190810 p.e. of which 67231 LE additional-CO 19. For waste water, the compliant rates for agglomerations are checked and reported annually by the National Administration of “Romanian Waters”, while the rate of connection to the central water system is reported by the National Institute of Statistics and water quality is confirmed by the Ministry of Health. Data on population evolution are provided by the National Prognosis Commission, on the basis of which ANAR forecasts the evolution of the equivalent population. The project will contribute to the socio-economic development of the area by achieving the following objectives: improving living conditions in rural areas by setting up waste water collection systems and ensuring the supply of quality drinking water, safely and continuously; I'M SORRY.

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