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project info
Start date: 28 June 2019
End date: 27 June 2022
Fund: The European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENPI/ENI)
Total budget: 10 026 409,71 €
EU contribution: 6 428 000,00 € (64,11%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministry of Development, Public Works, and Administration General Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation
intervention field

The CBC Romania-Moldova a safer area by improving the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) operating infrastructure, by increasing the level of training and maintaining the capacity of professional personnel to intervene in emergency situations

From the environment, public health, safety and security perspectives, the project is addressing the main common territorial challenges identified in the cross border area. This project will contribute to achieve the overall strategic goal of the CBC Programme by bringing together the efforts of relevant institutions responsible in the field of public health and emergency situations. By its activities and results, the project is meant to create long lasting relations focused on cooperation, coordination, knowledge transfer and interoperability between Romanian and its Moldavian correspondent regarding the performance of their duties and improvement of emergency services delivered to the area’s population. The project implementation is justified because it offers technical solutions for the emergency situation services in both countries, which would be otherwise sorely tested by the current context that manifests ever more striking different crisis situations and more diverse needs of the affected population. The cross-border benefit provided by the infrastructure and all the equipment purchased within the project is represented by a significant decrease in the response time in the event of an emergency situation, respectively a request for emergency assistance in case of natural or man-made disasters occurred in the eligible area of the Programme (floods, fires, earthquakes, technological accidents, epidemics, etc.), taking into account the fact that there is no training infrastructure and the intervention means are physically and morally outdated. This aspect will be analyzed from a legal and operational point of view during the common meetings between the partner institutions and technical experts thereofand solutions will be sought in order to obtain the most efficient way to provide each other cross-border emergency assistance, at request. The impact of the implementation of the proposed project on the targeted areas/locations/regions will be visible in the improvement of the level of health and safety of the population, resulting from the specific emergency services’ development. The proposed project will bring a remarkable contribution to the development of the eligible area due to the impact that it will have over the population safety. The implementation of the project activities will have a double impact, ensuring the capacity building for the targeted institutions from the technical equipment point of view, as well as from the point of view of human resources. Information added on 2020-05-08, regarding the mitigation of the effects of COVID-19 (the corona virus pandemic that started in 2019) (English language only): Investing in the emergency response and health infrastructure through SMURD-2/4.2/1 LIP project, will contribute to the mitigation of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, as follows: 1. The development of the SMURD service through the modernization of 2 Firefighters and Rescue Units, procurement of the special vehicles for intervention including 10 ambulances equipped with radio communication equipment TETRA for specific SMURD missions will support pre-hospital emergency health service. 2. Building/reconstruction of 2 Emergency Care Units (UPU) in the medical facilities from Bălţi and Chişinău will provide up to date and efficient emergency medical services for the community. 3. Setting-up a common infrastructure for medical air transport interventions by building 7 landing platforms in the eligible area, designed for SMURD helicopter will reduce the intervention time for patients in a critical state.

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