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Start date: 9 November 2015
End date: 31 March 2021
Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Total budget: 196 507 002,23 €
EU contribution: 110 456 585,95 € (56,21%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: NFM Közlekedési Operatív Programokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság
© European Union
© European Union

M25 Eger highway connection (implementation of section M3-Eger)

The M25 road, currently not accessible by expressway, is a city with county rights of Eger (number of inhabitants: ~56,000 people) creates a direct connection to the M3 motorway. The M3 motorway is part of the Trans-European Network-Transport (TEN-T): Mediterranean Corridor. The M25 road with a middle physical separation 2x2 traffic lane (without a stop lane); With a crown width of 24.60 m, approximately 18.5 km long. The municipalities concerned are: Kál, Füzesabony, Maklar, Big Bread, Andornakya, Eger. The new bypass section of the 2502 j. Mezőkövesd-Andornaktálya road linking road 2502 j. Mezőkövesd-Andornaktálya is to be constructed in order to ensure the feasibility of the junction of the M25 road. (Approximately 3 km on a new track; ~730 m long with correction and reconstruction of the existing road section.) The 2502 j. road is built with 2x1 lane, 9.50 m crown width (about ~1.2 km with a handrail). On the section of the new route closest to the residential park of Andornaktálya, based on the decision of the Municipality, in order to maintain the quality of life of those closest to the trail, a noise-protection wall with forest strips is set up over a length of 850 m. (Because of the visibility and the positioning of the noise-protection wall, the Coronas Width is being built between 11.00-12.00 m.) On the junction of the existing road No. 2501 and the road 2502 j. to be built, roundabouts are being built. Together with the implementation of the new trajectory of road 2502 j., in order to divert traffic to the M25 road as much as possible, traffic reduction elements will be installed on the inland section of Andornaktalya. Furthermore, the junction of the current roads 2502-2501 j (in the interior of Andornaktya) will be rebuilt according to the changed traffic conditions. The reconstruction of the 252 main road no. 252 in the interior of Eger is to be built with the implementation of the M25 road, with the design of the changed traffic needs: by rebuilding the signal lantern junction of the 25-252 main roads into roundabouts and by strengthening the existing road section with a crown width of 8.00 m and a length of 720 m, of which approximately 220 m long section with a new track structure will be rebuilt and rebuilt to connect to the circular junction at the end of the M25 road. In the junction of road 2500 j — 2501 j, the existing signal lantern node phase is modified over time. In connection with the existing cycle path of the 25 main road, a parallel cycle path is being built up to Faiskola út on a length of approximately 490 m. The project includes the following specific levels of road nodes: — M3 ap.- M25 road junction — main road no. M25-3 — road no. M25-2502. The project includes the construction of the following main level road nodes: — Motorway M25 — road no. 252 — main road no. 25 — road no. 25 — road no. 252 — circular junction of roads 2501 j.- 2502. The road section to be carried out includes the replacement and protection of all relevant public utilities, the correction of the national and local roads affected by crossings, the construction of a parallel service road network ensuring access to real estates and their transfer at a separate level, which, if justified, also performs a game crossing function. A protective fence is being built on the entire section of the M25 motorway. 8+ 2 bridge structures are expected to be built on the section. Tasks to be carried out during the preparation of the phase: — carrying out planning tasks, obtaining the necessary permits, area insurance, demunition, preventive archaeological excavation. Tasks to be carried out during the execution of the section: — M25 road, M3 ap. — Construction of the section between Eger with the elements of the additional road sections to be implemented (2502 j. road connection, reconstruction of the main road No 252 (so-called K2), bicycle road, traffic-absorbing investments), technical inspection of these — the initiation and conduct of technical handover and takeover procedures, the final spatial planning (implementation map, operator delimitation, land conversion procedure). Plans for implementation: study plan, environmental impact assessment, permit plan, expropriation plan, road construction plan. At the same time, a road safety impact assessment, a road safety audit and a value analysis are also carried out. The feasibility study (including a cost-benefit analysis) is also part of the task to be carried out. The completion of the entire M25 Motorway section and the reconstruction of road 2502 j and the reconstruction of main road 252 (known as K2) is planned in three stages due to the different preparation (provincial road involvement 251). First phase of implementation: 2502 j. reconnection and reconstruction of main road 252 (known as K2) Second implementation rate: The northern part of the M25 highway. (Section 2502 j. junction and Eger) Third implementation rate: Southern part of the M25 highwa...

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