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project info
Start date: 20 December 2016
End date: 29 November 2021
Fund: n/a
Total budget: 262 854 631,59 €
EU contribution: 177 873 729,20 € (67,67%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: NFM Közlekedési Operatív Programokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság

M8 road preparation and construction of Körmend-Rábafüzes, border section 2×1 lane

The entire section of this project will be part of the future TEN-T European network. The cross-sectional design of the project complies with the Ministry’s letter KIF/14081/2014-NFM ICT, according to which it orders a scheduled design in the case of the smallest traffic expressways, which is the more economical type of road with 2x1 lanes, made safer by the use of separate level nodes and ensures unhindered traffic flow. In the event of final construction, the objective is to build a 2x2 lane highway with a crown width of 26.60 m. The detailed technical content of the project for the roll-out of 2x1 band Phase I is as follows: The detailed technical content for the implementation of 2x1 lanes of the M8 motorway section 161+ 200-190+ 114.7 km at stage I is as follows: Action length: 28 914.7 m geometry and length gauge: 130 km/h Scheduled construction phase I road: (2x1 lane) 110 km/h Road design class: K.II.A Coronal Width: 15.00 m cover width: 8.25 m Traffic lane width: 3.75 m On the section 5 separate level nodes — Körmend Eastern (Mareway 86) junction — Körmend western (8707 j.) junction — Csákánydoroszlói node — Vasszentmihályi node — Szentgotthárd junction and 34 artifacts, 22 of which are overpasses and 12 underpasses. Resting places: — Simple resting place on the two sides of Gasztony in the 175+ 000 km section — two-sided, complex resting place in Rábafüzes, the walls with a noise shield in 189+ 000 km: Between 167+ 730-168+ 120 km on the right side 390 m — between 167+ 290-168+ 120 km on the left side 830 m length Required utility changes: — Dismantling, construction and installation of communication lines, — demolition, construction and standardisation of low, medium and high-voltage power lines, — Demolition and construction of road-space and public lighting — Demolition, construction and protection of water and sewerage lines — Demolition and construction of medium- and medium-pressure gas pipelines — Establishment of operational communications (traffic counting system, Meteorological system, video emergency system) — Demolition of railway overhead line, construction of other facilities: — correction of crossed national roads — Construction of parallel earth roads and service roads for access to agricultural land blocked or split by road construction — Demolition of existing buildings, — construction of walking and cycling paths, — planting — Water construction tasks: the implementation of the project involves the completion of the necessary preparatory work until the start of the construction tasks: — preparation of additional plans for implementation (major project grant application). — additional contributions for implementation — acquisition of permits (agriculture permit) — works relating to the preparation of land, acquisition of land — drawings for changes, endorsements, geodetic works — acquisition of land-related withdrawal permits (agricultural, forest) — in the case of forest withdrawals, the carrying out of exchange afforestation — preparation of a valuation of real estate in connection with acquisition of land — acquisition of land by purchase or expropriation — lawyer’s cost of land acquisition — preparatory works for other areas — works and costs related to archaeological activity — acquisition of pre-production permits — removal of wood — felling — trial exploration and ERD — preparatory works — preparatory works for other areas — works and costs relating to archaeological activity — acquisition of pre-production permits — felling — trial exploration and ERD — Preventive activities — Pre-construction work — Preliminary works and costs related to archaeological activities. — public procurement — FAKSZ activity related to public procurement — construction construction — engineering supervision — control lab — communication — project management — permits linked to the implementation of the project (putting into service, operating permits) — Preparation of a road safety audit — Final land-use planning Environmental protection: The environmental assessment was carried out during the preparation of the environmental documentation, on the basis of which a number of measures were laid down in the environmental permit to protect the natural and municipal environment, to compensate for the damage caused by it and to ensure ecological interoperability specific to the area. The environmental permit submitted as an annex to the aid application contains a number of requirements from the point of view of waste management, noise pollution and conservation of wildlife. NIF Zrt. implements the project in full compliance with the measures/regulations required by the environmental authority.

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