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project info
Start date: 20 January 2017
End date: 27 January 2022
Fund: n/a
Total budget: 141 053 699,30 €
EU contribution: 85 422 120,30 € (60,56%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: NFM Közlekedési Operatív Programokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság

Implementation of the M2 express road between Budapest and Vác

The M2 express road is part of the TEN-T network. The section concerned is: Express road M2 between sections 17+ 535-37+ 150 km, total intervention length: 19.615 m The aim of the project: The construction of a left track next to the existing right track, the development of an expressway with a uniform cross-section over the entire action length. Lane No.: 2x2 traffic lane with paved operating lane. Refurbishment/reinforcement of existing main road pavements, providing the structure gauges under the bridges. Construction of an existing right-hand bench with full track structure (widening of the right track) excluding the length of existing node accelerator deceleration bands throughout the design phase. The first is the construction of a central physical separation with concrete deflection at approximately 10 km length, followed by the construction of a steel strip railing to ensure physical separation. Emergency and IT system Relief phones Deployment of portals and VJTs traffic counter equipment Space surveillance cameras Meteorological station according to the technical plans. Axis Weight measurement system (new, in line with the national system, in the same cross section as the charging control system per traffic direction) elements of the charging control system (new, 1 to 1 cross-section per traffic direction, integrated into the defined, planned VJT portals, integrated into the system of NÚSZ and dismantling the existing (reusable way) noise protection walls next to the newly built left track and in the existing right track, according to the technical plans, the construction of utilities and replacements required for implementation at a length of approximately 2750 fm. The tasks are also to obtain the additional permits and contributions required for the construction, to prepare the construction plans of the section and to have it approved by the Engineer, to put the new track into service, to put into service the completed 2×2 lane expressway and its related facilities and to prepare the documentation necessary for the authorisation of water law, utilities and other operations, and to obtain declarations as specified in the documentation. According to the content of the letter ordering the Ministry’s road programme with registration number KIF/26791/2015/NFM, the costs of construction of the access roads are not eligible for IKOP resources. The climate risk assessment will be carried out at the same time as and as part of the Support Request. The ecology health check was carried out during the preparation of the CDV. The mitigation measures are included in the CDV and the environmental permit.

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