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project info
Start date: 16 October 2013
End date: 30 June 2018
Fund: n/a
Total budget: 241 043 565,16 €
EU contribution: 148 290 001,29 € (61,52%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: NFM Közlekedési Operatív Programokért Felelős Helyettes Államtitkárság

M86 express road Szeleste — Csorna section II implementation Hegyfalu — Csorna section between 105+ 800-139+ 165 km

The 2x2 lane express road runs close to the existing highway 86 and crossed it once. The section passes through Vas and Győr-Moson-Sopron counties. The number of artifacts taken into account on the expressway — watercourses, landway crossings, national roads, railways, game crossings — is 31. The project section will start from the M86-84 junction of Hegyfalu from 105+ 800 km, avoiding the settlements Vasegerszeg, Vámos family, Répcelak, Páli, Szil and Szilsárkány, affected by main road No 86, and will join the beginning of the Csorna bypass in the 139+ 165 km section. The separate-level junction of main road M86-84 in construction phase I of the Szeleste — Csorna section (Szeleste-Hegyfalu) is the beginning of construction phase II. The planned phase II is 33.4 km long and starts from the 105+ 800 km end gauge. In the section 105+ 985 km, the ground road F24 is taken over the main road. At 107+ 720 km above the express road, the national road 8448.j. continues to run parallel to the Hegyeshalom — Porpác railway line through farmed properties on the outskirts of the villages of Vámos family and Uraiújfalu. The 110+ 015.28 km crosses road 8449 j, which is taken over the expressway. The track in this area runs parallel to the Szombathely-Győr Vécs 400 kV overhead line. The main and cross-road lines were designed in such a way as to avoid replacement of the line. Uraiújfalu — Road F57.j. between the Customs family and the F61. dirt road between Nick — Vámosfamily will be passed over the express road. Further, a separate level junction between Répcelak and Nick will be established at the crossing of 8447.j. Due to the junction, it was necessary to correct the road 8447.j. and to rebuild the Széchenyi-Bartók streets in the interior of Répcelak. Leaving the villages in the region of Vas and Győr-Moson-Sopron county borders, the route crosses Kis Rába, which is a NATURA 2000 area. In order to facilitate wildlife movements, on both sides of the Kis Rába River, under the overpass of the express road and in the 108+ 830 km section above the M86 there is a game crossing. Following the crossing of the county border, the express road runs in the ÉK direction, still close parallel to the Csorna-Szombathely railway line. The road passes in 119+ 670 km above the Répce flooding channel. After that, the road runs straight for about 4 km, and in 122+ 425 km a dirt road is transferred. In the area of Vásárosfalu, in 123+ 554 km, a separate level junction will be established at the crossing of M86-8611.j. Subsequently, the 8428 j. road and cycle path will be taken over in 124+ 992 km. Before and further, the trail crosses the Keszeg-erer several times in the Beled area. Another 8607. j. road will be taken over the expressway in 129+ 013 km, then close to the railway line it touches the settlements Magyarkeresztúr, Zsebeháza, Szil, Sopronnémet. In the area of Zsebeháza a separate level junction of M86-8605.j. will be established in 132+ 704 km and a two-sided complex resting place will be established in 135+ 250 km. The implementation of resting places is not part of the project, but only the downstream and connecting branch of the project will be built. Above the road the 8604 and 8602.j. roads will be taken over, and in the 139+ 165 km it will be connected to the southern section of Csorna bypass, which will take place in Stage I bypass 2015.

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