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project info
Start date: 15 September 2015
End date: 30 March 2022
Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Total budget: 393 587 093,76 €
EU contribution: 276 942 731,37 € (70,36%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Дирекция „Координация на програми и проекти”, Министерство на транспорта, информационните технологии и съобщенията


Stage I of the project for the implementation of Line 3 includes the underground section of the line in the central part of the city from metro station 5 (located at the intersection of Vladimir Vazov Blvd. with Panayot Hitov Street) to metro station 14 (located under Zhitnitsa Str. near the intersection with Tsar Boris III Blvd.) with length 7.8 km, 8 metro stations, depot and delivery of the necessary rolling stock.With the implementation of this project proposal, Stage I “Vladimir Vazov Blvd. — CGC — Zhitnitsa Str.” of Line 3, will be built a significant part of the third line of the metro line set in the GSP in the north-east-southwest direction, which will connect with the other two lines in the CGC. Thus, in the near future conditions for integrated operation of the metro, road, rail and air transport systems are being created, which directly leads to the even more effective development of the priority for intermodality in passenger transport. The estimated value of the investments for the construction of Stage I of Line 3 of the Sofia Metro Extension was adopted around EUR 433 million (excluding VAT) based on the achieved tender price for the other sections built under OP Transport 2007-2014 of the Sofia Metro Extension Project. Under this project proposal, the following will be built: metro route with a total length of 7.8 km, 8 metro stations and a depot, which are equipped with systems for operation on a part basis: Electrical installations, Weak current systems, transport automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Water supply and drainage, rail, tracks, road and signal signs and contact network, the total value of the construction and installation works and of the machinery and equipment is EUR 317 million. The project also provides for the supply of rolling stock worth EUR 95 million.

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