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project info
Start date: 27 April 2015
End date: 31 December 2023
Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Total budget: 370 999 065,60 €
EU contribution: 315 349 222,40 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale, Administratiei Publice si Fondurilor Europene

Bridge suspended over the Danube in Braila area

The general objective of the project, part of the Moldova-Dobrogea inter-corridor, as defined in the GTMP, is to contribute to the regional development of Dobrogea by providing a modern link to the national connectivity corridor 3 (Bucharest-Moldova) as well as improved transit conditions for international traffic towards Bulgaria and Turkey. The new link will reduce travel times, vehicle operating costs, and exposure of inhabitants to air and noise pollutants and improve the quality of life for local residents along the access routes to Danube crossing points in Braila and Galati. The project is part of the Sustainable Development Strategy for Braila (2008-2013). Total length of new build road = 23,461 km The specific objectives of the project are: — The building of a bridge over the Danube in the Braila area with a length of 1974.30 m – 2 access viaducts of 90 m = 180 m – 16,940 km of new road between Braila and Jijila (5,746 km – 2x2 lanes; 11,155 km – 2x1 lane) – 4,366 km of 2x1 lanes link road to Macin – Construction of 1 Overpass, 12 bridges, 1 interchange, 7 intersections (5 Roundabouts and 2 T intersections), 1 maintenance and coordination center, and 1 tolling station. The project contributes to the achievement of the Specific Objective2.1 by reducing the travel time with 81.99 minutes. The completion of the project will achieve the following general objectives, which are typical for projects of this kind and are consistent with EU, national, regional and local objectives: • Improvement of infrastructure, which is an essential condition for improving quality of life, physical and living environment; • Contribution to establishment of appropriate conditions for sustainable economic growth in the region; • Support for regional and social development and cohesion; • Integration of the national transport system into the transport network of the EU by providing access to key TEN-T core network; • Improvement of performance of the national and TEN-T road network by increasing travel speeds and reducing travel time and operating costs; • Provision of sufficient capacity to cater for the predicted increase in transport of passengers and goods, international and local; • Ensuring safe and comfortable travel as a result of improved infrastructure and removing transit traffic from the urban areas.

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