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project info
Start date: 6 January 2016
End date: 31 December 2023
Fund: Cohesion Fund (CF)
Total budget: 361 641 241,60 €
EU contribution: 307 395 046,40 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerul Dezvoltarii Regionale, Administratiei Publice si Fondurilor Europene
intervention field

Regional project for the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Bacau county, between 2014 and 2020

The general objective of the project is to continue the development of water and wastewater infrastructure in Bacau county by promoting investments to ensure compliance with the provisions of the European acquis and the fulfilment of the commitments derived from European Directives 91/271/EEC and 98/83/EC, namely: — urban waste water collected and treated (from the point of view of biodegradable organic load) for agglomerations > 2,000 p.e. – public service of drinking water supply extended in localities with more than 50 inhabitants The specific objectives and result indicators are: • increasing access to the public water supply service of quality, microbiologically controlled, safe and health protection, in accordance with Directive 98/83/EC from 31 % before the project to 81 % after the project; • increasing the level of waste water collection and treatment, i.e. improving the quality of effluents, in accordance with Directive 91/271/EEC, from 53 % before the project to 75 % after the project; • improving water and waste water management systems by: — reducing water losses in the project area from 79.5 % in 2018 (before the project), to 35.4 % by project in 2024; — optimisation of the operation and operation of water and sewerage systems in 43 water supply systems and 31 agglomerations through the implementation of the SCADA monitoring, control and intervention system at the level of the OR and the acquisition of operational equipment for water, wastewater and sludge performance • improving the level of management of industrial waste water in the operating area • improving the level of sludge management in the operating area

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