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project info
Start date: 2 April 2020
End date: 31 December 2023
Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Total budget: 689 520 000,00 €
EU contribution: 683 999 940,00 € (99,2%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Ministerstwo obsługujące ministra właściwego ds. rozwoju regionalnego

SME Liquidity Loan Fund – FPWP OP IR

The aim of the project is to provide funding to entrepreneurs in the liquidity gap due to the negative consequences caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The SME Liquidity Loan Facility will provide financing to entrepreneurs in the form of liquidity loans. Proposed product framework: 1) liquidity loans granted on preferential terms until 31.12.2020, with the possibility of interest subsidy and repayment term up to 6 years 2) final recipients: enterprises (SMEs and others) that, due to COVID-19, are experiencing liquidity problems or are at risk of such problems in the future 3) the distribution of loans through Financial Intermediaries (PF) in the Fund of Funds model, where the Fund of Funds (MFF) manager is the Applicant and Financial Intermediaries are professional entities with experience in lending to the corporate sector selected by the IFF in a competitive procedure.

Flag of Poland  Trójmiejski, Poland