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project info
Start date: 20 October 2016
End date: 31 December 2023
Fund: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Total budget: 171 021 170,00 €
EU contribution: 145 367 980,00 € (85%)
Programming period: 2014-2020
Managing authority: Zarząd Województwa Wielkopolskiego obsługiwany przez Urząd Marszałkowski, Departamenty: Polityki Regionalnej, Wdrażania Programu Regionalnego, Wdrażania Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego, Biuro Certyfikacji i Windykacji

Strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises in the SME sector in Wielkopolska, by supporting their investment activity through the financial instruments of the SME sector 2014+.

The subject of the project is the implementation of the Investment Strategy for the implementation of financial instruments under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 (SI) – in the scope of the Investment Priority 3c, Measure 1.5, Submeasure 1.5.1 MAP 2014± based on the results of the ex-ante analysis on the possibility of applying financial instruments (IF) under MFF 2014 + (Ex-ante Analysis). The aim of the implementation of SI through the implementation of IF will be to strengthen the investment activity of existing economic entities in Wielkopolska, strengthen the position of companies in the value chain and increase their innovation. The project will not compete with commercial submersibles, as it is intended to fill the diagnosed financial gap. 1.5; He subdivided it. 1.5.1 WRPO 2014+ PI 3c will be based on the cascade structure, i.e. Manager of the Funds Fund (MFF) cooperating with the Managing Authority of MFF 2014+ (IZ) on the basis of a co-financing agreement responsible for setting up and managing the fund of funds and financial intermediaries (PF). The FF will be responsible for setting up an IF to which the IFF will contribute financially in order to provide financial support to final recipients, i.e. micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Support will be addressed to SMEs, where the phenomenon of the financial gap is particularly identified. The second area of intervention will be to create an incentive effect to stimulate the start-up and growth of economic activity and the implementation by SMEs of investments leading to greater use of innovation. The Product Indicators for the Project are presented in point. 4.1 and 3.5.2. The IFF intends to obtain the national contribution referred to in Article 38(9). 1303/2013 which will increase the SME support pool.

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